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Cosmopolitan School

Statement of the School: Situated in Tanda, a rich industrial belt in the district of Ambedkarnagar, Cosmopolitan school is an ideally reformative school for boys and girls run by Mount Carmal Educational and Welfare Society. The School campus is, safe and tranquil surroundings, and its large and adequate sized class rooms with proper ventilators and windows assure the wards a healthy schooling.

Main Aim Of Cosmopolitan School

The main goal of Cosmopolitan school is to ensure the psychological, physiological and more over the both, academicals well being of the students and enable them to wake themselves up from the slumber of ignorance and trying hard to kindle in their developing minds, to urge the willingness to shoulder all the hard some duties and responsibilities of a smug and patriotic citizen of tomorrows India

We, the Cosmopolitan Family, invite you to the world of knowledge. “Education is the manifestation of the divine perfection already existing in man”. The biggest failure of Man is to fade out from this world without knowing his own divinity and the purpose of his incarnation in this world. Thus, the success of a man truly depends on the education he gets. The father of our nation once said, “Education is the drawing out of the best in man, from his heart, mind and soul”.

Therefore, in our lyceum we also try to impart knowledge in such a way that every child may get courage and conviction to combat ignorance and injustice. “FEAR NO MORE THE DARKNESS OF IGNORANCE”.

High Quality Society of Administration

Cosmopolitan school is found, managed and administrated by Mount Carmal Educational and Welfare Society.

The Selfless And Dedicated Team:

Another merit of the Cosmopolitan School is its teachers. Almost all of them belongs to Kerala – the most literate and educated state of modern India . Being well qualified and devoted, they are under the effective, efficient and strictly managed administrative leadership of a well educated, experienced and devoted Principal.

The enlightening motto of Cosmopolitan school: “fear no more the darkness of ignorance”

We Are Proud of Our Work

Doing a simple research is always good to start the process and planning. So we always start with strategic plan.


Cosmopolitan School is affiliated with the CBSE Board, New Delhi. We provides information technology based education and keep the students abreast of the latest advancements in their subjects of study.


Cosmopolitan School, is owned and managed by Mr. Anoop Vijay being the Chairman and Mr. Paul Joseph as the Manager. Ever since its establishment in 2007, the school has contributed a major share in extending the scope and reach of regional educational achievements.
Our Manager______________________________________Mr. Paul Joseph
Our Chairman_____________________________________Mr. Anoop Vijay
Our Principal______________________________________Mr. Mohd Khalid

PTA (Parents Teachers Association )

PTA is a formal organization composed of parents, teachers and staff that is intended to facilitate parental participation in a school. The PTA functioning since the beginning of the school serves as a forum for parents and teachers to engage in mutually beneficial discussion and work for the welfare of the school community.
The PTA of our school in appreciably co-operative and understanding and is always keen in the overall development of each and every single student of Cosmopolitan School. The PTA organizes various events for the involvement of parents also into the educational system which includes seminars, workshops, retreat etc. for parents as well as teachers.

For any queries regarding admission process and other details about the school
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